Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm speaking for all the Bridesmaid's without a voice!

I have a beef with Brides who make there BM's look awful. You know who you are. I saw a photo recently of a friend of a friends wedding who shall remain nameless. The BM's dresses literally looked like burlap sacks, no lie. They didn't have a waist and the color was a boring beige. I felt for these girls! I guess she was trying to complete the age old conflict of having girls of different shapes and just covered them all up in a sack. I realize this is a conflict that gets looked past by most brides, give the girls different styles! There are not all the same shape. You can see when a BM is not comfortable in her dress. Oh, and don't make them buy a dress they look awful in it. My thought is if I have to pay for a dress I am buying a dress I like. If you are picking the dress you pay for it! I know that seems harsh to all you brides but be fair to your girls. Make them feel as beautiful as they are in your eyes, they have been there for you give them the respect they deserve. There are so many beautiful dresses out there that come in the same color but different sizes. Also, you don't have to by a dress at a bridal shop the prices are crazy expensive you could get a name brand dress for the same price. 

Dresses from BCBG; www.bcbg.com

When I got married I picked a color, WHITE! They were able to buy any dress they wanted. I remember getting a phone call from one of my BM's saying " I found a dress! It's $15.00. Is that alright?" I loved that call, of course that was alright! I don't think anyone could pick the $15.00 dress out of the photo below.
Photo provided by www.sakuraphotography.com (Thanks again  for the most amazing photos!)

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