Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Picnic Wedding

If I could do my wedding all over again I would have a picnic wedding. I enjoy casual weddings and this is a way to have a casual wedding but can still be done with an air of elegance. No tables and chairs are needed, but it be a nice touch to add a few bistro tables for those who are unable to sit on the ground. All you need are blankets, pillows and a small centerpiece that can be placed in the center of the blanket. Consider that there will be approximately 6 - 8 people per blanket. So you may need a few more blankets then you normally would need tables. You can have some fun with the menu as well, I would consider doing a box lunch or the obvious picnic baskets. Lemonade stands or drinks made in mason jars, classic desserts like strawberry shortcake and cherry tarts, think classic! Have fun with this theme.
Things to remember:
  • Be sure to let your guests know so they are prepared to sit on the ground
  • A picnic wedding cannot be done if you are choosing to have an evening reception, the best time is between 11am - 4pm

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